Organisational aspects

Safety oversight organisations, such as RSOOs and CAAs, need to address some transversal issues in order to efficiently fulfil their international obligations. Within SIASA’s frame, EASA provided three types of assistance in this domain.

SOFIA implementation 

The SOFIA (Safety Oversight Facilitated Integration Application) software, developed by EASA on the basis of a request from CASSOA in 2009, is a tool that can help a national or regional authority to streamline its supervision activities. Before the SIASA project, CASSOA was equipped with the version 1 of SOFIA. The version 2 was developed within the project’s framework. SOFIA has now been officially adopted as the safety oversight tool for CASSOA Member States. SOFIA was also meant to be deployed in the South of Africa, with a focal point on Malawi. As this country benefited from a specific financing (IASOM project), this deployment did not occur within the framework of the SIASA project. 

ECCAIRS assistance


In 2014 as part of the AFI Plan action plan, ICAO delivered training courses on ECCAIRS targeting both end-user and technical levels. Despite these training sessions, only a few Sub-Saharan countries have a fully functional ECCAIRS in place.

The SIASA project complemented this with additional training for the states/regional organisations that started implementing the tool, but face some difficulties in drawing the full benefit from it, due to the quality of the data recorded or the inexperience in analysis. Addressing this issue is essential, as it often prevents the production of safety reports.

EASA organised an event in Cologne from 9 to 10 December 2015, and invited experts from national and regional authorities in charge of using ECCAIRS. They learned from and shared with EASA experts regarding how to use the tool and the possible analysis. The seminar was based on version 5 of ECCAIRS. Two key issues were considered:


  • Quality of data
  • Taxonomy

The seminar also addressed other ECCAIRS tools that have been developed by EASA and other members of the ECCAIRS aviation community such as:


  • quality check, which checks the quality and completeness of the data;
  • automated search panel, which simplifies the search of related records;
  • narrative check, which enables the cross-check of coded data with narrative information.

Assistance to regional organisations (legal, financial structure, …)

The issue of organisation assistance to young RSOOs (already existing or about to be created) has been addressed on many occasions. It is also EASA’s experience to be faced with such requests. Such assistance has been provided in the past and will be provided within the framework of the SIASA project. The type of assistance provided under this item is very diverse, and varied depending on the regional organisation’s request.

As such, the SIASA project answered positively to a request from COSCAP-SADC to participate in two workshop meetings on the Financial Sustainability of the SADC Aviation Safety Organisation (SASO). The COSCAP-SADC also expressed a need for a SAFA/TCO workshop to be organised in Southern Africa. This workshop was delivered in Swaziland in December 2015.

A request was also received from the UEMOA region for a SAFA inspectors training which will be delivered in Lomé, Togo, from 14 to 18 March 2016.

Further requests were made by BAGASOO to contribute to a workshop on Foreign Aircraft Safety Assessment Programme (FASAP); to contribute to a workshop on Obstruction & Land Use Planning Around Airports; and for another AOC OPS Specs training.